COVID-19 vaccination policy

As our offices re-open, one of our highest priorities is to provide a safe environment for our staff, clients and visitors. Based on the available scientific and medical evidence and advice, KM Develop supports government coordinated vaccination programs. All KM Develop employees attending our office or client and third-party sites and events are required to be fully vaccinated.

All visitors to KM Develop offices will also need to be vaccinated and provide evidence on entry. It is expected that all visitors to KM Develop will need to check in via SinePro, and local government QR codes where required and show proof of vaccination status. Ad hoc visitors, like couriers who are dropping something off/picking up mail, will not need to sign in and show proof of vaccination status. However, they must wear masks.

All events hosted by KM Develop will require attendees to be fully vaccinated. This will be communicated on the invitation and attendees will be required to provide proof of vaccination on entry.Your vaccination status will be cared for in accordance with our privacy policy.

If a client or third-party, such as an advisor to the client, mandates vaccination as part of its policies, all our staff who are attending the client’s or third-party’s workplace for which vaccines are mandated must comply with the client’s or third-party’s policies, including producing evidence of vaccination status. If a client or third-party site is not mandated to be fully vaccinated, KM Develop staff must implement safety measures to ensure their safety. Such measures include face masks, virtual meetings, physically distancing, hand sanitising etc.

This policy is effective now in Victoria and New South Wales and will become effective in Queensland and Western Australia when that state reaches 80% of eligible population being fully vaccinated or 1 January 2022, whichever is the earliest.